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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehalata Hai completes 400 episodes

Where other shows across the GEC's are focusing on cupid striking a couple, who face opposition from every corner, STAR Plus’ Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is a refreshing change. The show talks about love, post marriage. It deals with the emotions and bond of a newly wed couple who get to know each-other in due course of time and eventually fall in love.
yeh rishta kya kehlata hai
It is the simple story that has made the show a hit with the audience. Akshara and Naitik have become one of the most loved television couple. The show was a success right from the day it launched and ruled the roost for 11 weeks this year alone. This shows that viewers have welcomed the change warmly and have appreciated the channel’s approach and initiative.

The show completed its 400th episodes yesterday and the actors are upbeat about doubling the numbers thereby repeating its success. The successful run has overwhelmed the actors who have given their sweat and soul to the show. According to them, it always feels great when viewers appreciate their hard work and their loyalty towards a show transforms into TRPs.

Says protagonist Akshara, “It is a fantastic feeling as this is my debut show which has taken my career to new heights. I feel attached to this show emotionally and the character I play is extremely close to my heart. If you ask me the USP of the show then it has to be the simplicity that has worked in our favour. Audiences can easily relate and connect to simple and real characters and that’s what Yeh Rishta is all about.”

Echoing the sentiments, her mother Rajshri says, “It feels great to have completed a mark of 400 episodes successfully. The USP of the show is the emotions and small nuances that the viewers can relate to. A bahu can easily relate to the bahus on the show and so can a mother-in-law to the one they see on the show.”

She feels that it is the manner in which the characters have been written and worked upon so beautifully that they have eventually become so popular. “It’s not the actor who has made the character popular but the creative minds who have worked upon the characters so beautifully that they look real. We just portray it accordingly and this has worked in our favour,” quips the actress.

Akshara adds, “As a viewer you find it to be a story of any family staying next door to you. All the characters are so well etched out that you can’t help but end up loving them. The authenticity of the show has worked in our favour. This is how any Marwari family lives and looks at any relationship. This is a story of family and relationships. People simply love the sets and our costumes on the show. Our producer Rajan Shahi has taken extra care of every aspect of the production. He is caring, considerate and takes good care of us.”
Rajshri believes that it is the simplicity of the show that has worked in the favour of the show. She says, “There are no larger than life characters. They are all simple and real characters who any commoner can relate to. The show talks about day to day happenings which take place at any ordinary household which has made it a hit with the audience.”

Akshara feels that the concept of the joint family and all of them staying under the same roof and sharing each others’ problems is something that sets it apart from other shows.

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Akshara's Column: In a predicament

Dear readers, I am in a fix today and writing to you with a heavy heart. To maintain peace and harmony in the house, I had requested Naitik ji to return the property papers to the agent. But he is accusing me of being indifferent to his feelings. Tell me what I could have done dear readers if not this. I can’t let the peace of the house go for a toss for a bungalow.
Naitikji is the son of the family and he won’t be accused for anything but being the daughter-in-law, I have been shouldered the responsibility of looking after the peace and harmony of the house. And what I did was the need of the hour.
My mother-in-law is still upset with me and is not talking to me properly. I have been advised by my maa to apologise to my mother-in-law which I did. I am really scared and wondering when things will come back to normal. Naitik ji is not ready to understand my position and is angry with me. He has also asked me not to interfere in his life and that he wants to live life on his terms. I have no clue as to what can be done. Last evening, I kept trying his number but he didn’t respond to my calls.
Dear readers please suggest me and help me come out of this tight situation.
If you have any questions, suggestions or advice, please e-mail me at yrkkhblog@gmail.com. Help me get to know you better by leaving your name, age and city where you reside in. I would love to hear from you!

Q. Hi Akshara (Hina), I am so glad that I was able to receive a response from you and that made me feel very happy that the person I am a fan of, has responded to my email. Thank you :) I can’t express in words... Thanks so much for that advice, I will definitely remember this when I step into my married life, where I have still 58 days to go..... Can I be your friend or is it possible for me to meet you anytime :)

You and Natik are doing a really brilliant job and are the hottest couple I have ever seen in any of the shows.
All the best!!! Continue doing a lovely job coz I don’t know if I will be able to watch your show regularly like I do now after my wedding :)

Arey ha Akshara.... bol na bhul gaye ki... keep smiling always, you look very pretty when you smile

Akshara: Roshni, thank You very much for your sweet mail. And heartfelt thanks for taking my suggestions seriously. I wish you a very happy married life ahead. Please visit our sets whenever you come down to Mumbai.

Q. Hi! Akshara, I hope you get my email. Where were you born, as in, which part of India?
Akshara: Hi! Nayanika, I was born in Delhi.

Q. Hi! Hina di...Im Poonam. I am sending you a gift on your birthday from Delhi. Hope you remember me, please speak to me once as I really want to speak to you. Give me your personal email id also please.
Akshara: Hi Poonam. You can mail me on this id itself.