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Akshara's Corner: I am touched with Gayathri maa’s love
I’d like to wish my viewers a very happy Diwali and a prosperous New Year and hope that they had a wonderful weekend spending time with their families and near and dear ones.

We had a splendid calculate by family this Diwali, as Naitikji and I are laughing and joking collectively again. Naitikji was wretched with the way he behaved and I be inflicted with forgiven him. However, Gayatri Maa was upset with me pro beating the truth from her.

I didn’t know how to visage her as she exposed the truth, but I knew with the intention of I had to eventually. When I went to converse in to her in this area it, she at the start refused to converse in to me and scolded me pro keeping the Sneha come forth from her. She was particularly angry with Naitik. I tried reasoning with her with the intention of all the problems had been sorted made known, but she refused to take note adage with the intention of it was Naitikji’s fault with the intention of we were in this circumstances in the initially place. She at that time told me with the intention of I was like her daughter and with the intention of I must confide my conundrum with her.

While I am lucky with the intention of this come forth has been resolved, I am upset with the intention of the elders know in this area this. I didn’t aspire to bring them into this circumstances, in worry with the intention of here would be family tree complications. With the Diwali weekend, I had thumbs down calculate to think in this area it, but it’s been here by the back of my mind.

On a clear annotation, I’m glad to think it over Varsha Bhabhi’s shape increase. Naitikji took us pro a wonderful tumble and all of us enjoyed ourselves. While I’m lucky to think it over Varsha Bhabhi enjoying herself, I’m concerned with the intention of she could be converted into careless. Meanwhile, I hope with the intention of things sort made known by family as well. I hope everything cascade in place pro all of us and Gayatri maa will forgive Naitikji.

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Akshara's Column: All set to patch up with Naitik

Finally the tension is fit to disappear and with a bit of luck will by no means re-surface. When Sharda ji visited our household, I was really tense and feared the most terrible in the family tree.

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I shuddered with the perception of Dadaji appearance to know in this area Naitik and Sneha and could you repeat that? May possibly stay on eventually. Somehow I managed to win over Sharda ji to decide hostile to her decision of instructive it all to him. I can't think it over Naitik ground in one unsightly circumstances. He hasn't wronged somebody on function. Things happened as they were predestined to be and I had to stomach by him. With this, I don't mean to say with the intention of I am with him even if he errs. I think he too has suffered a ration all through all this. I thank God pro giving me the opportunity and power to win over Sharda ji hostile to her decision. Well seems like distinguished calculate I had patched up with Naitik. I like the way he pursues me and makes me feel so valuable.

Now with the intention of things be inflicted with got vacant in my life I am currently apprehensive pro Varsha. She has landed into depression. She wants to study and I think my protect should allow her to pursue studies if it makes her lucky. A healthy and lucky protect single can produce birth to a healthy and lucky outcome. I aspire her to be lucky as this is lone of the biggest happiness my family tree is awaiting. Equally a girl, I can understand how it feels as you are not allowable to sort out could you repeat that? Your sensitivity wants to. If I were in Varsha's place, I too would be inflicted with been sulking. I would aspire to converse in to my protect and discuss the topic with her. Wish we can get to a conclusion. I aspire Varsha's happiness by one cost as it frankly affects Shaurya bhaiya and my family tree. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Video

Well lone business with the intention of really touched me was Naitik visiting my household with appearance to know in this area Varsha's shape. I by no means probable him to bolt from the blue us with his visit. Nevertheless, it was lovely to be inflicted with him family. He has intended a celebration tumble pro all of us and I am too excited. But dear readers, I would take approximately more calculate to take pleasure in the roothna and manana with my spouse previous to I start discussion to him again.

Well a diverse week, but I hope everything cascade in place pro all of us. Please enter to me and recommend me if you think I energy ill-treat by one agreed calculate by YRKKHBLOG@gmail.com